Mission Statement
Our Lady of the Pillar Athletics Association offers an organized program emphasizing skill development, sportsmanship and faith-based entertainment for our students and parish families.  Every child is provided the opportunity to participate in any sports program.  Ample playing time for each student is facilitated at a variety of positions, broadening their athletics experience.

The Our Lady of the Pillar Athletics Association fields soccer, baseball/softball, basketball, golf and volleyball teams throughout the year.  Dedicated parents coach these teams under the guidance of the athletic association and lay directors for each sport.

Our Lady of the Pillar participates in the Archdiocese of St. Louis Catholic Youth Council Sports program.  Rules and standards for participation by students and coaching by adults are set forth by the CYC program and as such may be changed or adapted as required.

Athletic Association Board
Athletic Director:  Reed Rohlfing – reed600@hotmail.com
Soccer Director:  Joe Whitacre – whitacre2@yahoo.com
Volleyball Director:  Cori Sehy – cori.sehy@gmail.com
Basketball Director:  Matt Steuterman – matt.steuterman@yahoo.com
Baseball/Softball:  Kurt Evans – kurtjevans@yahoo.com
Golf:  Dan Brouillet – danbrouillet@yahoo.com

Parish Advisor: Deacon Fred Tustanowsky


1.  Eligibility
a. Any child in grades JK – 8 can participate in CYC sports through Our Lady of the Pillar, given the sport is available in their academic grade, and they meet one of the following criteria:

i. Child is a student at Our Lady of the Pillar.

ii. Child is a participant in the PSR program at Our Lady of the Pillar.

iii. Child is a registered parishioner at Our Lady of the Pillar.

iv.  Child lives within the Our Lady of the Pillar parish boundaries as set forth by the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

v.  Players that do not meet any of the above criteria may still participate in Our Lady of the Pillar CYC sports if a waiver is granted by their parish of registration or residence, accepted by Our Lady of the Pillar, and approved by the District.

2.  Team Formation Guidelines
a. Children should register as a player in their current academic grade.  Each player must play for the team of his or her current academic grade.  Teams are formed for each grade level, permitting there are enough players to form a team.  If there are not enough players to form an Our Lady of the Pillar team in a particular grade level, one of the following options will be exercised by the Lay Director.

i. Players from the grade immediately below could be double rostered, allowing them to play in games for the team needing players.  This needs to be approved by the District.  However, their current academic grade team will be their primary team, and will take precedence in the event of a conflict.

ii. Players from another school may join the Our Lady of the Pillar team for the sport season, given a release/waiver from their current parish and approval from the District.  These players must be registered in their current academic grade and will abide by the guidelines in Section i. above.

iii. If two teams in consecutive grades do not have enough players to form a team for their academic grade, they may be combined at the higher-grade level and play as one team.

iv.  Players from Our Lady of the Pillar may join another school’s team for the sport season, given approval by the Lay Director.  However, they must first register with Our Lady of the Pillar in order to ensure every effort is made to form a team.

3.  Coaching
a. All volunteers must complete the following set of stipulations in order to be appointed as a coach by the Lay Director.

i. Complete the Protecting God’s Children course offered by the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

ii. Sign the Code of Ethical Conduct.

iii. Successfully complete and pass a background check conducted by the parish.

iv. Meet all requirements set forth by the Safe Environment program of the Archdiocese.

v. Complete all coaching requirements as set by the CYC, and obtain a valid CYC Coaches Card.

b. The Head Coach of each team is responsible for the continued display of good sportsmanship by all game participants.  This includes, but not limited to:

i. Conduct of head coach him/herself before, during, and after a game.

ii.  Conduct of assistant coaches before, during, and after a game.

iii. Conduct of players before, during, and after a game.

iv. Player playing time in line with CYC regulations.

v. Conduct of Our Lady of the Pillar fans before, during, and after a game.

4. Parents
a. Parents are to respect the players, coaches, other parents, and officials before, during, and after all games.  This includes players, parents, and coaches of the opposing team.

b. Parents should strive to avoid confrontation with players, coaches, parents, and officials, including those from the opposing team.

c.  Parent issues with a player, coach, parent, or official should be brought to the Lay Director and Athletic Director.

5. Registration
a. Registration for CYC sports through Our Lady of the Pillar is done at https://ezrosters.com/stl-olp/.

b. Each sport has a registration deadline set by the Lay Director.  Late registrations are not guaranteed a place on an Our Lady of the Pillar team.

c. Registration and uniform fees vary by sport.

d. All registration and uniform fees must be paid prior to the team’s first game in order for your child to participate.

i. No child will be denied participation due to financial hardship.  Contact Lay Director, Athletic Director, or Parish Pastor if hardship exists.