For What does ACTS stand?:

  • Adoration – the call to and need for prayer and meditation
  • Community – the blessings of community built on faith and love
  • Theology – the study of Scripture and our Catholic faith
  • Service – to God and his people

A Description of the Acts Retreat:

This 3-day retreat led by persons who have attended a previous ACTS retreat.  The talks and activities minister to the needs of the participants. The purpose is to help retreatants enter into a deeper relationship with God, deepen relationships within the family, and build community in the parish.

Typical Beginning/Ending Time:

The retreat typically begins Thursday evening, 6 pm and ends after the 11:30 Mass (at St. Monica’s) and reception on Sunday.  Transportation from St. Monica’s is provided.

Collaborative Effort:

The ACTS retreat is run in conjunction with several parishes from our area.  Parishioners from Our Lady of the Pillar, St. Monica’s and St. Richard’s parishes.