Mission Statement / Description

The Stewardship Commission of Our Lady of the Pillar Parish is committed to encouraging all parishioners to cherish and foster the gifts of all while using their own gifts of time, talent and treasure to serve the community of faith. The Commission will coordinate and prioritize all stewardship activities throughout the parish.

Included under Stewardship are:

Annual Catholic Appeal, Archives, Buildings & Grounds, Communications, Finance and School Board.


Paul Steube (Chair)
Fr. Tom French, S.M. (Pastor)
Alice Conway
Charles Gooden
Ellen Moran
Tom Benner

Meeting Minutes:

Stewardship MINUTES 09 14 20

Stewardship MINUTES 10 09 20

Stewardship MINUTES 11 09 20

Stewardship MINUTES 01 08 21

Stewardship MINUTES 02 05 21

Stewardship MINUTES 03 07 21

Stewardship MINUTES 04 11 21