The Altar Society of Our Lady of the Pillar supports the parish in various ways:


  • Planning/Decorating/installing/maintaining the floral decorations for all holidays
  • Weekly cleaning of the sacristy and altar
  • Bi-Annual cleaning of the pews and polishing brass
  • Periodic cleaning and replacement of Liturgical vestments
  • Weekly washing, ironing of altar linens

Six teams of 6 or more parishioners contribute an hour or less every six weeks, serving as Heavenly Dusters, cleaning the sacristy.

Nine ladies wash, starch and iron linens used at each mass.

During the year more than 40 women and men donate some time caring for our church.


  • Providing fresh floral arrangements for the Liturgies at appropriate times
  • Providing hosts and wine for communion
  • Providing candles for the church
  • Providing¬†Breaking Bread¬†missals for Mass

Once a year we appeal to all parish members to support our work with donations.