Welcome to the OLP Library. We are blessed to have a large vibrant space for children to explore their love for reading. Our library collection has close to 10,000 items, that includes a variety of both fiction and non-fiction for all ages. Our library is staffed by Mrs. Julie Jackson.

Weekly classroom visits include storytime (for the younger students), time to browse/check out and also free reading time. Mrs. Jackson also educates the students on general library skills based on their age and abilities; book care, locating books by author (ABC order), locating books by call number (Dewey Decimal System), learn about biographies, work with reference materials (dictionary, encyclopedia, atlas, etc.)

Our library also uses the Accelerated Reader Program for those students who wish to take advantage of this program. Accelerated Reader is a reading comprehension program that allows students to read books of their choice and then take a short on-line quiz on the book. The score received on each book allows the student to see if they are comprehending and remembering what they are reading.