A Welcome from our Pastor,
Fr. Thomas J. French, SM

Welcome to the OLP home on the web. We hope and pray that you will join us and come pray with us in the near future.

The Our Lady of the Pillar parish community believes strongly in its Marianist roots and in striving to continue the Marianist values of “family spirit” and “welcome.”

Our Lady of the Pillar was founded as a parish 1938. Its origins started in the humble Chapel at Chaminade College preparatory school. Since it’s inception, Our Lady of the Pillar has been staffed by the Marianists.

Our parish motto is simply, Strong in Faith and Rich in Works. We strive daily to live our parish motto in the daily life of our parish. Our Mission Statement:

Our Lady of the Pillar Parish is a welcoming Catholic community of faith in the Marianist tradition. As equal disciples, we seek to proclaim the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ and to work for peace, justice, the integrity of creation and service. Firm in faith and rich in works, we follow the example of the Immaculate Virgin Mary

We invite you to come celebrate and pray with us. Come help us as we commit ourselves to living the Gospel in a committed manner. The Characteristics of a Marianist Parish guide us in our life-long mission to become faithful disciples.

The Characteristics of a Marianist Parish:

Forms in faith
Is Marian
Witnesses to a discipleship of equals
Develops community
Sends people on mission
Promotes peace, justice, the integrity of creation and service

We invite you to become involved. We have a wonderful PSR program and a terrific school. Our 8th graders achieve acceptance to their first choice school each year. We have a strong dedication to serving others. Each week, there is one outreach activity to serve others in the St. Louis area.

Continuing in the tradition of the Marianist Charism, we come together each week and more often when possible. Enjoy our website. Enjoy our community.

Please pray with me the Marianist Doxology.

May the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit be glorified in all places through the Immaculate Virgin Mary.

Fr. Thomas J. French, S.M.