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2017 OLP Parish Survey

2017 Our Lady of the Pillar Parish Survey

We are asking you to participate in helping guide the key initiatives that the priests and parish leadership will take on over the next few years to meet the changing needs of you, our parishioners. Based on a study conducted by the Parish Council on key factors important to thriving parishes, we are now asking for your opinions via a survey.

The first part of the survey asks you to rate key aspects of Parish Life on a five point scale. It then concludes with two open-ended questions: One thing you like best about the parish and the most important need for our parish to focus on in the next one to three years. We estimate it will take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

We are asking that every family member, 13 years and older, participate in the survey.

The survey may be taken in one of two ways.

1. You may go to our Parish website, http://www.olpillar.com. Then go to the link for the Parish Survey. This is the preferred way to complete the survey.

2. As an alternative, you may fill out a paper form of the survey, which will be available in the back of the Church after each Mass (please take a copy of the survey for each participating family member) and return them to the baskets located in the entrance to the church, marked “Parish Surveys” next week, or mail them to the Our Lady of the Pillar Parish Office.

Every family member, 13 years and older, should complete the survey either online or in paper format.

We intend to take actions based on the inputs received.

Please take the short time necessary to complete the survey.

Encourage other parishioners, whom you know to do the same.

Your voice matters to our future. Thank you very much and may God bless you.

Click below to go to the parish survey: