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Parish Council


Our Lady of the Pillar Parish is a welcoming Catholic community of faith in the Marianist tradition. As equal disciples, we seek to proclaim the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ and to work for peace, justice, the integrity of creation and service. Firm in faith and rich in works, we follow the example of the Immaculate Virgin Mary.

Parish Council Membership
As the members of the Parish Council and Commissions, we freely accept the call to serve as leaders of this faith community. We realize that we share this privilege and responsibility with the Pastor and Staff of this parish community. We understand that our Baptism call, which we share with every Christian, is to live out the Gospel. We accept the challenge to make this a priority, not only for ourselves and our family but to extend this effort to our larger parish community as well.

The Parish Council coordinates five working Commissions whose functions are outlined in the covenant booklet. All parish organizations and activities are included within one of these Commissions.
The five Commissions are: Worship, Community Life, Education, Outreach, and Stewardship. Two people from each Commission, along with the Pastor and a representative of the parish staff, make up the Parish Council. The Council, therefore, is made up of 12 members. The term of office on the Parish council is two years, and three years on the commission. That means a person could serve on a commission for one year and then could be selected to serv