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Our Lady of the Pillar Athletics Association

Our Lady of the Pillar Athletics Association offers an organized program emphasizing skill development, sportsmanship and entertainment for our students and parish families.  Every child is provided the opportunity to participate in any sports program.  Ample playing time for each student is facilitated at a variety of positions, broadening their athletics experience. 
The Our Lady of the Pillar Athletics Association fields soccer, baseball/softball, basketball, golf and volleyball teams throughout the year.  Dedicated parents coach these teams under the guidance of the athletic association and lay directors for each sport. 
Contact Information: 
President:  Kevin Harrison, kevin@harrisoncptl.com
Vice President:  Open
Treasurer:  John Mueller, jemueller34@sbcglobal.net
Athletic Association:   
Athletic Director:  Reed Rohlfing: :  reed600@hotmail.com
President: Kevin Harrison: kevin@harrisoncptl.com
Vice President:  Open 
Treasurer: John Mueller: jemueller34@sbcglobal.net
Volleyball - Cori Sehy: cori.sehy@gmail.com
Baseball/Softball: Kurt Evans kurtjevans@yahoo.com
Basketball - Bryon Crump: bryon crump@yahoo.com
Soccer - Ken Wenberg: kwwenberg3@charter.net
Golf: Dan Brouillet: danbrouillet@yahoo.com