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Faith Formation Commission

  • To align OLP parishioners toward God’s love, so that He may speak to us in the present, daily happenings of our parish and of our lives.
  • To provide opportunities for parishioners and the larger community to gather and share/exchange wisdom through:
    • Spirituality exploration and enrichment
    • Sponsored group activities/events
    • Inviting speakers of interest to OLP
    • Addressing issues that will reach all subgroups of the parish.
  • To encourage interaction between the school, parish, and larger community.
  • To foster an environment of knowledge sharing for the benefit of all.
  • Included under the guidance of the Faith Formation Commission are the following: Bible Studies & Small Church Communities, Parish School of Religion, R.C.I.A., Sacraments and White House Retreat
Art James
Jose Derdoy
Scott Long
Betsy Blake
Annemieke DeWilde 
Meeting: 4-10-2017