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Altar Servers Needed for Sunday Masses

Submitted to Major News and Events on Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Attention Girls and Boys Grade 5  and above.

We need you!

You are invited to participate in the Liturgical Ministry of Altar Server. It has been the custom of the Church to encourage and welcome young people to minister around the altar. In doing so young people can fulfill, in part, their baptismal call to serve and to share their talents with the Church and the whole community. The Church has always believed that this journey of service begins early in life. Service and sacrifice as well as learning more about the Eucharist and prayer are paramount to all Christians.

The Holy Spirit is alive today at as it was for those early believers. Over these next few months we will remind you to pray and to consider becoming an Altar Server. Training sessions will be held in September and new Servers will be scheduled in October.